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October 2017

The New wave of modern commercial vehicles. Say good bye to the boring box on wheels.

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I have to start this blog with "It's about time"

When the Sprinter was introduced in the US by Daimler Chrysler, the American public was liberated from the dreadful box on wheels they called work vans.

It took other manufacturers a few years to catch up, fast forward to 2018 and today we have the best selection of work vans ever.

Ford has hit a home run with the introduction of the Transit, although the E series is still offered. We cannot see why someone would even look at these vehicles when the Transit does everything better and in nicer style. If the A team was resurrected I'm sure they would drive a done up Ford Transit with all the technological gizmos available today.

Dodge ProMaster, This popular European design has become a favorite of the work and conversion van companies. Great looks and plenty of space inside makes for a winning combination. Front wheel drive allows for a flat floor that can accommodate a variety of seats, cargo shelving, luxury interiors, camping gear etc. The combinations are endless.

Sprinter, The god father of the work vans. We have seen many variants Under Dodge, Mercedes and Freight Liner. Either way you get one hell of a vehicle. Pair this with the available diesel power and 20 MPG you have a machine that can go the long distance and use very little fuel.

All of the sudden is cool to drive a van and we see them on the highway dressed as recreational vehicles. Many are outfitted with enough gear to make a person want to move in permanently. One very important accessory that we see missing on many of these recreational vehicles are running boards.

Romik has introduced a comprehensive line of running boards specially designed for the new breed of commercial and recreational vehicles. The Romik RCV comes complete with all mounting brackets and a six (6) inch running board that will give everyone a boost getting in and out of the their new Van.

Check out our install video to see how simple it is to have running boards on your Van