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Design Features of Romik Running Boards

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Unlike the majority of SUV, CUV, and pickup running boards on the market today, Romik Running Boards are available in a wide variety of different styles, each with their own unique look. We decided to break down the styling and features of each one of our Romik running board models to help you make a more informed decision and choose the style of running board that's right for your modern vehicle.

Installing Romik Running Boards on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

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A big vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee is great for getting off the paved roads and tackling the wilderness, or for loading up the family

and taking care of business around town. The high ground clearance can handle whatever type of terrain you want to tackle: dirt, mud, potholes,or snow. But high ground clearance can also make it tricky to get in and out of the seats without reaching and risking a fall or causingextra wear on the interior by sliding over the seat bolsters.

Extruded Aluminum Design Makes Romik Running Boards Strong and Lightweight

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One of the most talked about features of Romik running boards is the extruded aluminum construction. If you've never heard of extruded aluminum, keep reading to find how using this type of design sets Romik running boards apart the simple stamped running board styles of old.

The Best Reasons to Install Running Boards

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Romik Running Boards are one of the best accessories you can add to your SUV or truck. But a set of running boards does a whole lot more than add an aggressive look to set your vehicle apart from so many others. Romik Running Boards are also an extremely functional exterior accessory that can make life easier for you and your passengers, protect your vehicle from damage, and even extend the life of your interior.

Romik Running Boards for Today's Trucks

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Dec 7, 2017 12:08:50 AM

Romik running boards and step bars have remained one of the most popular truck accessories for decades for two main reasons: first, they make it easier for you and your passengers to get in your truck and second, they dramatically change the exterior style of every vehicle they're installed on. But with the aggressive styling of many modern trucks, it's hard to find a set of running boards that look like they belong. Usually, you'll end up with a functional running board that helps you in and out of the truck just fine, but the wrong design can easily make your new truck look out of date. Romik running boards and nerf bars use updated modern European designs that make it easy to bolt on extra utility without compromising the aggressive modern look of your truck.

Form and Function for Compact SUVs and Crossovers

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Modern compact SUVs and CUVs are quickly getting more and more capability in smaller packages. It's easier than ever to find a competent soft-roading ability in a package that's easy to live with day to day like the Audi Q5, new Volkswagen Tiguan, or Subaru Forester. You no longer have to deal with a truck-based vehicle and give up the car-like feel you're used to in order to drive rough roads.

The New wave of modern commercial vehicles. Say good bye to the boring box on wheels.

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I have to start this blog with "It's about time"

When the Sprinter was introduced in the US by Daimler Chrysler, the American public was liberated from the dreadful box on wheels they called work vans.

It took other manufacturers a few years to catch up, fast forward to 2018 and today we have the best selection of work vans ever.

Ford has hit a home run with the introduction of the Transit, although the E series is still offered. We cannot see why someone would even look at these vehicles when the Transit does everything better and in nicer style. If the A team was resurrected I'm sure they would drive a done up Ford Transit with all the technological gizmos available today.

Dodge ProMaster, This popular European design has become a favorite of the work and conversion van companies. Great looks and plenty of space inside makes for a winning combination. Front wheel drive allows for a flat floor that can accommodate a variety of seats, cargo shelving, luxury interiors, camping gear etc. The combinations are endless.

Sprinter, The god father of the work vans. We have seen many variants Under Dodge, Mercedes and Freight Liner. Either way you get one hell of a vehicle. Pair this with the available diesel power and 20 MPG you have a machine that can go the long distance and use very little fuel.

All of the sudden is cool to drive a van and we see them on the highway dressed as recreational vehicles. Many are outfitted with enough gear to make a person want to move in permanently. One very important accessory that we see missing on many of these recreational vehicles are running boards.

Romik has introduced a comprehensive line of running boards specially designed for the new breed of commercial and recreational vehicles. The Romik RCV comes complete with all mounting brackets and a six (6) inch running board that will give everyone a boost getting in and out of the their new Van.

Check out our install video to see how simple it is to have running boards on your Van

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is here

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The 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee is here and it promises to be another great vehicle to keep an eye on for 2018.

Jeep has just released the 2018 version of the Grand Cherokee, loaded with luxury features such as Active safety and security lane assist, blind spot monitoring and, Park assist. This is not the jeep that most of us grew up with. Gone are the boxy styling, the harsh bouncy ride and that interior that yelled " I'm stuck in the 80's"

The new 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee's interior is a work of art, with full driver control and enough gadgets to keep its occupants comfortable and safe. Dual sunroofs, supple leather seats, soft to the touch surfaces that exude luxury.

Jeep has given the public enough models to match everyone's taste and budget. Eleven models to be exact, starting with the Base Laredo to the beast called the Trackhawk.

Now we know Trackhawk owners are probably never going to ask for Romik running boards, but we do know that the rest of the models can surely benefit from our popular line of RAL, RB2 or RZR European made running boards.

If you are the lucky owner of a Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit, than you should know that Romik running boards are the highest rated running boards for this model.

Our RAL-B running boards have also become a fashion statement with the High Altitude models. Black wheels and black running boards make a strong statement. The Trailhawk model also looks great with the matching black running boards.

Grand Cherokee owners rejoice! Romik has you covered. Check out the simple how to video below.

The new Honda Ridgeline G2 is quickly gaining fans

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Honda has definitely hit a home run with the new Ridgeline G2, packed with some unique features that make this the perfect truck for the weekend enthusiast.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline hit the market a little bit over a year ago, some people labeled it as the "Pilot" with a bed. This is a true truck with some incredible and capable road manners. The Ridgeline G2 definitely is the best riding truck bar none.

Lets talk about the interior, the best layout and use of ergonomics on the truck market. We've tested all types of trucks and models and not one comes close to having such a luxurious feel to it. The dash is modern, the heated seats extremely comfortable, the rear seats ample enough for 3 adults and when not in use to carry passengers becomes this enormous cavity that can hold large boxes or gear.

The Ridgeline G2 also benefits from modern styling, the LED headlights and DRL's are unique and really stand out. The front end of the vehicle is aerodynamic and bold enough to say I'm driving a truck. The bed is 5.4 in length and wide enough to carry equipment, the composite bed is strong enough and scratch resistant. No need to pay extra for a bed liner or spray liner. The trunk is huge, we are surprised why other truck companies don't do the same,Its handy!

Lets make one point, this is not the truck for the lifted crowd, and will probably never be but for the weekend warriors looking for a truck to haul camping gear or to tailgate at a sporting event than this is your truck. This is a family truck as well, just add some Romik running boards and the kiddos will have easy access to the rear seats.

If you are on the market for a midsize truck, definitely check out the new Honda Ridgeline. If you already have a new Ridgeline G2 than check out the running board offering by Romik.

New 2018 Vehicles hitting the showroom floors

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Fall is that time of year when new vehicles start to hit the showroom floor. This year welcome new models from Audi, Buick, Chevrolet, Ford and the rest of the manufacturers.

Finding accessories for that brand new SUV or Truck you just invested in should not be a problem. Companies such as Romik have access to these vehicles before they hit the streets and are prepared by the time you buy your brand new vehicle.

If steps or running boards are high on your priority list, Romik will be first to market on many of these 2018 models; if your model is not readily available be sure that Romik is working around the clock to bring them to market.

Welcome 2018 Models!