How to Maintain your Romik Products

NOTE: Romik products are made from the highest quality materials in the industry, however as with any accessory regular maintenance is required. Romik recommends that you follow these steps a minimum of 2 times per year depending on weather conditions. If you live in an area that has inclimate weather conditions we recommend that you do this more often.

WARNING: In extreme climates many municipalities use harsh chemicals to de-ice the roads. It is recommended that you clean and protect your Romik running boards before winter. Protecting your Romik running boards is simple, follow these procedures and they will continue to look as good as the day you install them. Romik recommends that a quality Carnauba Wax is used to protect your finish. This tutorial applies to all Romik running boards.

STEP 1: Loosen any dirt by hosing off any accumulated dirt, a strong stream of water will normally suffice

STEP 2: Fill a bucket with water and add a good quality car wash (Do not use dish washing soap)

STEP 3: Use a clean sponge and lather up your running boards, working from front to back. Rinse the sponge if you see dirt starting to accumulate.

STEP 4: Rinse the running boards with a strong stream of water

STEP 5: Dry your Romik running boards with a terry cloth or towel (Do not use paper towels as it may scratch the surface)

STEP 6: Using a wax applicator apply a coat of wax to the surface of the Romik running board. If your product is the RB2-S Or the RZR coat the stainless steel surface as well. NOTE stainless steel will not rust however it is a hand polished Surface and you must maintain it.

STEP 7: Using a clean terry cloth wipe away the carnauba wax, turn the cloth several times so wax will not accumulate and Leave streaks on the surface. If the running boards have dirt stuck to them repeat all steps DO NOT use a harsh Chemical to remove any of the dirt.

STEP 8: Inspect your Romk running boards for any damage and protect as needed with a clear coat finisher. This will prevent further damage.

Please see instructional video on how to remove stains from your Romik running boards. CLICK HERE

NOTE: Automatic car washes often do not use enough water during the rinse cycle and left over soap will "stain" the running boards. Using Carnauba wax will prevent these issues.