US Minimum Advertised Price Policy

1. Introduction: Romik® recognizes that our success is directly tied to the success of our Authorized Dealer network. We understand that our Authorized Dealers invest a lot of time and money promoting our brand. Romik® is determined to protect the investment and commitment made by our dealers as a result we have unilaterally established this MINIMUM ADVERTISED PRICE (MAP) Policy. 2. Policy Statement: Romik® in its sole discretion reserves the right to stop doing business with any re-seller that advertises any product(s) that fall under this MAP policy at a price lower than the allowed MAP. 3. Guidelines: This MAP policy applies to all advertised prices, however not the final price at which MAP products are sold. Romik® believes in keeping a well regulated and fair price point for all Authorized re-sellers to make a fair profit. Romik® will enforce this MAP policy at its discretion. 4. Advertising Guidelines: This MAP policy applies to all advertisements of Romik® products including but not limited to email promotions, flyers, coupons, posters, newspapers, radio, television, catalogs, e-market places such as Amazon, Ebay, Jet, and or re-sellers websites. Re-sellers may use the phrases such as "Call for price" , "Lowest Price" "On Sale" and or "will match or beat competitors prices" as long as the re seller does not include a price below MAP From time to time Romik® may permit re-sellers to advertise product(s) below MAP for a specific period of time that has been communicated with all Romik® Authorized Dealers. Romik® may offer rebates to consumers in the form of a mail in rebate or in the form of an instant rebate given at the time of purchase. Such rebates will be sent to all Romik® Authorized Dealers. 5. Policy Enforcement: Romik® reserves the right to cancel any order or pending orders, restrict future orders and place the violating dealer(s) in the "Do Not Sell" distributors list. Romik® reserves the right to cancel all trademark agreements with any dealer(s) that continues to violate this MAP policy Romik® notify violating dealer(s) Via email and or phone call for its first violation. If in the event that a dealer(s) continue to violate this policy Romik® reserves the right to demand that all trademarks and intellectual property used by the dealer(s) come to a stop. 6. Conclusion: Romik® believes that fair pricing reflects a company;s operating structure in a way that enables it to ear a satisfactory profit. Romik® will only sell products to "Brick and Mortar" dealers that have invested time and effort to sell our products. For questions regarding this policy please send a request to [email protected]