Lifestyle and Trends

Running Boards are not just for trucks anymore. Today’s families are active and always on the go. Just one quick look at the local shopping center and you will notice that most SUV’s are family transportation vehicles and their occupants mainly children need a boost to get in.

The “Baby Boomers”

The biggest population in the US is getting older and the “Baby Boomers” have the expendable income to afford high end luxury SUV’s. Distributors and Jobbers that cater to these vehicles see an increase in sales and revenue. Only one company in North America has all the Luxury SUV products available today! That company is Romik.

The “Millennial's”

Vehicle sales change with the change in generations. As previously noted, the “Baby Boomers” are gobbling up Luxury SUV’s and accessorizing them with items to fit their life style. The average Pick Up truck cost over $40K add accessories and now you’re driving a $50K plus rig that you are afraid to take out on the trails. Millennials are buying SUV’s costing in the $20K range and making them their own with products from Romik and others.