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The new Honda Ridgeline G2 is quickly gaining fans

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Honda has definitely hit a home run with the new Ridgeline G2, packed with some unique features that make this the perfect truck for the weekend enthusiast.

The 2017 Honda Ridgeline hit the market a little bit over a year ago, some people labeled it as the "Pilot" with a bed. This is a true truck with some incredible and capable road manners. The Ridgeline G2 definitely is the best riding truck bar none.

Lets talk about the interior, the best layout and use of ergonomics on the truck market. We've tested all types of trucks and models and not one comes close to having such a luxurious feel to it. The dash is modern, the heated seats extremely comfortable, the rear seats ample enough for 3 adults and when not in use to carry passengers becomes this enormous cavity that can hold large boxes or gear.

The Ridgeline G2 also benefits from modern styling, the LED headlights and DRL's are unique and really stand out. The front end of the vehicle is aerodynamic and bold enough to say I'm driving a truck. The bed is 5.4 in length and wide enough to carry equipment, the composite bed is strong enough and scratch resistant. No need to pay extra for a bed liner or spray liner. The trunk is huge, we are surprised why other truck companies don't do the same,Its handy!

Lets make one point, this is not the truck for the lifted crowd, and will probably never be but for the weekend warriors looking for a truck to haul camping gear or to tailgate at a sporting event than this is your truck. This is a family truck as well, just add some Romik running boards and the kiddos will have easy access to the rear seats.

If you are on the market for a midsize truck, definitely check out the new Honda Ridgeline. If you already have a new Ridgeline G2 than check out the running board offering by Romik.