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​Upgrading Your Acura MDX

By Mark Taylor 11 months ago 393 Views No comments

Acura MDX receives a refresh for the 2019 model year.

The MDX keeps its aggressive look, all angles and sharpness, but adding a pair of Romik Running boards is just what you need to take your MDX to the next level. Upgrade your vehicle’s function and fashion in one easy Step.

Romik dose a lot more than boosting your cab access. Romik Side Steps make an exterior statement with the bold, diamond-tread pattern and attractive black trim. Romik Running Boards are custom-cut for an exact fit to your SUV and come in multiple modern finishes to complete the look. Romik running boards are made from aircraft quality triple wall aluminum extrusion that are twice as thick as our competitors and are complemented by black end caps with grip assurance technology.

With safety and style in mind Romik will set your vehicle apart from the rest.

Make sure to check out Romik.com for all your Running Board needs: