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Installing Romik Running Boards on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

By Hedges Company 1 years ago 2171 Views No comments

A big vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee is great for getting off the paved roads and tackling the wilderness, or for loading up the family and taking care of business around town. The high ground clearance can handle whatever type of terrain you want to tackle: dirt, mud, potholes, or snow. But high ground clearance can also make it tricky to get in and out of the seats without reaching and risking a fall or causing extra wear on the interior by sliding over the seat bolsters.

Romik running boards offer a better solution and make getting into and out of your Jeep Grand Cherokee much easier. Each set of Romik running boards for the Jeep Grand Cherokee features a sturdy step and non-slip texture that runs the length of the vehicle that are both stylish and easy to install.

Before you begin, you'll need to gather some tools including: a rachet and socket set, box end wrenches, safety glasses and gloves, and a heavy blanket or tarp between the front and rear wheels on one side of the vehicle to prevent scratching your new running boards.

  1. First, open the packaging and lay out all the parts and take inventory using the included instructions to make sure you have everything. If any part is missing or damaged, call our tech hotline at 1-866-71-ROMIK.
  2. To install the support brackets, locate and remove the rubber plugs under on the underside of the vehicle nearest the front tire between the pinch weld and outer rocker panel.
  3. Next, insert the tabbed threaded bolts into each hole and secure with a washer.
  4. Secure the upper mounting brackets with a nut and attach the inboard section to the mounting holes in the pinch weld. Leave all hardware hand-tight until the end.
  5. Install the corresponding lower portion of the front, middle, or rear bracket according to the diagram included with your Romik running boards. Again, leave all hardware hand tight until the end.
  6. Once all three brackets on one side are hand-tight, slide the running board body onto the supports using a level to adjust pitch. Once in place, hand tighten the fasteners on the back of the running boards.
  7. Once the running boards are leveled, tighten the large bracket bolts to 35 ft-lbs and the smaller pinch-weld bolts to 8 ft-lbs, then tighten the bolts on the underside of the running board body to 18 ft-lbs. Do not use power tools.

That's all there is to it! Now you can get a step up into your vehicle without straining, or getting your pant leg dirt. Total install time should be around 55 minutes for one person at home in their garage or driveway.