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Extruded Aluminum Design Makes Romik Running Boards Strong and Lightweight

By Hedges Company 1 years ago 843 Views No comments

One of the most talked about features of Romik running boards is the extruded aluminum construction. If you've never heard of extruded aluminum, keep reading to find how using this type of design sets Romik running boards apart the simple stamped running board styles of old.

The running boards of the past were often constructed from simple sheet metal like steel or later, sheet aluminum. While this type of design made the running boards simple to manufacture, it didn't make for a very durable product.

Sheet steel running boards especially were susceptible to rust while aluminum styles often suffered from metal fatigue around the attachment points. This unfortunately made it all too common to see a vehicle driving down the highway with partially attached running boards, especially in snowy climates.

But if you were lucky enough to have running boards without corrosion you probably felt them bend under your weight, especially when you were carrying something heavy or lifting something onto the roof for transport. Despite many designs having an inverted lip for rigidity, the fact remains that a sheet of steel is easy to bend.

The extruded aluminum we use to make our Romik running boards is vastly superior to those old sheet metal designs. The process of making an aluminum extrusion is similar to squeezing toothpaste from a tube. By forcing aluminum through a shaping die, we can create complex cross-sectional profiles while also strengthening the metal.

The shape of our die allows us to design internal bracing and vary the wall thickness of each different profile for maximum strength. By extension we can create smooth, complex designs for our running boards from a single piece of aluminum without welded seems that can crack or flex. Coupled with the already light weight, the extrusion process lets us put material only where it is need making for an extremely lightweight part without sacrificing any rigidity or durability. This also lets us form tracks for bolts or other connecting hardware that make it easy to adjust and customize the fitment of a set of Romik running boards no matter what vehicle you drive.

Use the navigation bar above to find the Romik running boards for your application and find a local dealer of Romik products, or purchase direct from the factory. If you have any questions about the design of our products or would like some help choosing the model that's right for you, fill out our Contact Form and we'll get in touch soon with the help you need.